Summit Hills Trailblazers climbing to reach our highest potential. Fourth grade students pose for a picture  while dressed as famous figures from Idaho history. A third grade class sits and listens to a presentation on how to make Domino's Pizza. A third grade class sits and listens as a Domino's Pizza guy shows them how to make pizza. Four kindergarten students sit at a table enjoying some pizza. A kindergarten class poses and smiles with a Domino's pizza guy. Students line up to give 6th grade track students high fives outside the school. Students are giving high fives to other students in lines. A group of 4th grade boys and girls surround a table doing a science experiment. A group of 4th grade boys and girls sit at a table with an adult doing a science experiment. A group of boys and girl stand around a group of desks. A young girl smiles while holding her backpack in front of a fireman and firetruck. A young girl climbs out of a fire truck as a prize for winning a reading competition. A mountain man stands with a collection of furs, presenting to a group of 4th graders. A mountain man presents to a class of 4th graders. There are furs on display next to him. A man and woman dressed as Civil War era people smile for a picture. A group of 5th grade students smile while looking at historical artifacts. A man and young boy hold animal antlers in front of a class of 2nd grade students. Two men hold an animal skin in front of a class of 2nd graders. Two young girls perform a Hawaiian hula dance on stage. A young man in dress clothes performs a magic card trick on stage. Two boys pose on stage with blue feathered fans. A young girl stands on stage, playing an Irish flute. A brother and sister are rapping a Dr. Seuss Book on stage A group of young girls stand with their arms around each other at a school dance. A young girl is posing while drinking water at a school dance. Seven girls and one boy are lined up on a stage dancing with glow sticks. Parents, teachers and kids stand at a table tying friendship bracelets made out of yarn. Three female teacher stand together and smile for the camera. A mom and young son sit together coloring a Christmas themed place mat. A small boy holding a donut, smiles while sitting next to his dad. A small girl, two boys and their dad smile for the camera while eating donuts and drinking juice together. A dad and young son smile for the camera. A dad hugs his son and daughter from behind. A young girl, little boy, and their dad sit together eating donuts. A young disabled boy, sitting in a wheel chair is eating a donut with his dad. A young girl in a wheel chair is clapping her hands while a woman holds a chicken in front of her. A young developmentally delayed boy is cheering with his teacher with a turkey next to him. A young boy is touching a turkey in his classroom. A fortune teller sits and reads others fortunes using a head of lettuce! A mom sits at table with a small boy and girl, helping them paint pumpkins. Young kids race around in a circle, doing a cookie walk. Two small girls sit at a table, painting pumpkins. Two boys and their mother carve pumpkins. 3 sixth grade teachers dressed up as s'mores. 5th grade teachers and student teachers dressed up as the characters from Inside Out. The gym teacher dressed up as Cruela DeVille. 5th and 6th grade students walk through the gym in their Halloween costumes. A young boy in a wheelchair is dressed up as Donald Trump. Mr. Gauchay (the principal) is getting his hair bleached blonde. 6th grade students stand and dance in their Halloween Costumes at an assembly. Developmentally delayed students dance with a teacher and sit in wheel chairs. Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students sit in the gym in their Halloween costumes, listening to an assembly. Students and Principal Gauchay give a skit to other 5th grade students. 5th graders are gathered around a few students and their principal as they give a skit. Students are gathered around a firetruck and ambulance while listening to a fireman give a presentation. Students looking at the EMT's and the ambulance and equipment that they use. A fireman is dressed in all his fire gear as students and adults look on. Staff members at Summit Hills Elementary School are standing and sitting in front of a mountainous backdrop. Students are moving through the breakfast line, getting food and drinks. Students are standing in line and sitting at lunch tables eating breakfast. Students are standing in line with school administrators waiting to get breakfast.

I am a Summit Hills Trailblazer and I will..

Be Compassionate,

Be a Leader &

Show Integrity,

Be Motivated &

Show Bravery!

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Our Mission:

Turning Ambition into Action
Goals into Reality
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Our Vision:

Climbing to reach our highest potential

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